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TAPP - Training, Awareness, Prevention and Protection

Five out of every six adults will be the victim of an attempted or completed violent assault in their lifetime.

If you’re the gambling type, do nothing and put this brochure down.  If you don’t want to become a statistic, take the first step by scheduling a customized safety seminar, which helps you answer the question “what if”.  All of our training is personalized to meet your individual concerns, ensuring that you are better equipped to control situations, rather than situations controlling you.


We have instructed at Wayne State University, Macomb College and Schoolcraft College.  We are always on the cutting edge and have multiple black belts in a variety of martial arts!

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Women’s Self Defense Training

You’ve seen the Local 4 News story New Way To Defend Yourself From Attackers, now sign up for the training you need to protect yourself!



“Five out of every six adults will be the victim

of an attempted or completed violent assault in their lifetime.”


We're enrolling now for our Women’s Self Defense Training course led by instructor, Karen Potochick of At Home Defense. Don't become a statistic, take the first step now! To sign up or for more information, call 248-569-6831 or email Karen directly.


At Home Defense offers a variety of courses for all ages and levels of experience. Their expert instructors have been training for over three decades to be able to bring you information in a way that you can understand. For more information on At Home Defense, download their brochure.



Welcome to MTAC 

Besides being a world class Airsoft field which is open to the public, the Michigan Tactical Airsoft Center (MTAC) has the ability to deliver hard hitting, effective training experiences for Law Enforcement, Military, and Security professionals alike.   

MTAC stands alone with an impressive new 15,000 sq ft. indoor arena and a two-acre outdoor arena. We have constructed rooms to represent a classroom, hotel room, a bank, jail cells, party store, three bed room house with breachable front door, a blank room with four entry points. We also have two towers, random rooms with doors, L & T hallways with windows and drop down stairs with attic crawl space. MTAC has also purchased the Chinook Helicopter prop from the Red Dawn movie and relocated it to MTAC for your use!  

Our environment also allows you to use our vehicles or bring in your own to simulate traffic stops complete with a school bus, police vehicles with lights, rolled over SUV and shipping containers all to deliver the realism you look for in your training.  

Let our highly trained firearms and tactics instructors bring your training to the next level. 

You can train outside in the environment or come inside and let us control the environment. Our indoor arena is equipped to offer low light simulations complete with overhead police flashers, strobing lights, sound system and smoke machines. Our rooms are complete with furniture, and the store and bank have counters.  

If you are looking for more, our 20 student private classroom is complete with an eraser board, printer/copier, Wi-Fi Internet and projector to run PowerPoint presentations.  

Also our static Non-Live-Fire range is available to teach hand-to-hand combat on a matted floor, movement drills, drawing from holster, edged weapon techniques, flashlight drills and IPSC shooting with timed targets.    

At MTAC we allow you to bring your own equipment simunitions or airsoft. You can also rent it from us on-site.  From pistols, shotguns, rifles, knife, IED’s, miscellaneous weapons, training bangs and airsoft grenades, located inside our prop room.  

Come visit us today and experience first hand what Real Training is like.

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